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none studio

None Studio is an eCommerce sustainable unisex fashion brand. "None" stands for genderless, timeless, sizeless, and in short is undefinable. The consumer base is mainly in the US, all genders with an age range of 14 to 40-year-old. 

This is an on-going self-founded project, the goal is to drive growth and regularly update the UIUX systems that are cohesive with the brand's DNA and customers' preferences.

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project duration

April 2019 - Present

project goal

  • Design an e-commerce shopping experience that communicates the brand's value, aesthetic, atmosphere to the right consumer target.

  • Regularly update website design based on traffic analytics and consumer data.

  • Increase conversion rate, and reduce the bounce rate on every page.

my role

Founder & Creative Director

Fashion & UIUX Designer

team member

Co-founder and Web Developer

ui design system

Style Keywords:

Neutral         Genderless         Timeless          Eco-friendly         Minimal          Chic

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Ellipse 1.png
Ellipse 2.png
Ellipse 3.png
Ellipse 5.png
Ellipse 1.png
Ellipse 5.png
Ellipse 2.png
Ellipse 5.png
Ellipse 3.png
Ellipse 1.png
Ellipse 3.png
Ellipse 2.png

Font:                                      Use:

Jaldi Bold                                      Primary Headings

Open Sens Bold                Secondary Headings

Open Sens Semi Bold      Paragraph Highlights

Open Sens Regular           Paragraphs & Menu

Helvetica Light                  Product Names

website traffic analysis

By Gender:

 55% Male                                                                         

By Device:

 75% Mobile User                                                                                                     

By Location:


21% Desktop User 

4% Tablet

WeChat Screenshot_20201005172636.png

Summary: Visitors are almost at a 5:5 gender ratio, and most of the visitors are mobile users from US, UK, France, and Japan. It is key to maintain the unisex attraction and constantly improve the mobile user experience as the priority. 

iteration process



  • No mega menu and footer for diversified page navigations.

  • Not responsive/unable to adjust to different screen sizes.


  • Added Profile page for returning customers.

  • Home Page redesigned to be responsive and sliding gallery of 4 photos. 

WeChat Screenshot_20201115173055.png

  • Added Search Bar for those who know what they want.

  • Added drop-down mega menus on hover for diversified and clear guided user flow.

WeChat Screenshot_20201115173103.png
WeChat Screenshot_20201115173110.png
  • Texts too crowded, may cause impatience and increase bounce rate.

  • Changed to full width image with sliding scroll effect.

  • Adjusted the font's character sapcing to make it easier to read.

WeChat Screenshot_20201115174443.png
WeChat Screenshot_20201115173928.png
  • ​Created multiple user flow to the Shop Page.

  • Added brand slogan over lookbook photo gallery for deeper impressions.

  • Quick view and product price shown on hover.

WeChat Screenshot_20210106193953.png
WeChat Screenshot_20210106193935.png
WeChat Screenshot_20210106193908.png
  • Added Footer on the bottom of each page to provide an easy way for visitors to contact the customer service or to subscribe.

  • Added Call-to-action button on top of instagram gallery.​

  • Redesigned photo gallery style to show more photos at once.


  • No easy access to similar products.

  • No filter option on the shop page.

  • No color options are shown on shop page.

  • Added Filter function to achieve a more customized shopping experience. 

WeChat Screenshot_20210106195120.png
WeChat Screenshot_20201115173223.png
  • Added color circle preview feature for quick view.

  • Added Wishlist function that will save products to customer's profile page.

  • Added Related Product Recommendations under product details.

none reviews.png
  • Gathered good reviews from customers and displayed below the related products.

  • After conducted an User Interview, most users expressed they depend so much on product's ratings & reviews nowadays. 




Design multiple sections on home page that motivate actions, which lead to different pages and product categories.



  • The brand's signature unisex bundles

  • Sustainability concept and knowledge sharing community

  • Color and lifestyle aesthetics

  •  "None" philosophy

  • Inspirations

  • As seen on photos

Trust-building and customization functions, as well as easy to read user experience in E-commerce play an vital role in helping users make purchase decisions. Also helps companies to understand better about their users.

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