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This is a personal project inspired by my Mom's Postnatal Care Center "Yaju". Herbal medicative diet for food therapy or so called "Herbal Cuisine" is a delicious dietary lifestyle in eastern countries, especially needed by women who just delivered a baby or anyone who seek nutrition for the body or lose weight. "How to properly take care of our bodies with food?" has been a popular topic among the healthy groups.

I designed an APP for people to order, learn, share, and talk about healthy food therapy.

Desktop - 1.jpg

my role

UIUX Designer

team member


project duration

December 2020 - January 2021

project goal

  • Design a user-friendly food mobile App for Asian customers in the US and Canada 

  • Create a strong Visual Identity and User Interface design system based on user research and color psychology

  • Conduct usability testing and user interview before launch on App store

Who is it for

50%   Age  28 - 50 

30%   Age  18 - 28

20%   Age  50 - 80

75%   Female   vs.  25% Male



Preparing for Herbal Cuisine at home is extremely time-consuming, it usually requires over 10 kinds of ingredients and at least 2 hours to cook a medicative soup. 

Difficult to Find

People are easily drawn away by junk food or spicy&salty meals if they were shopping in other food delivery Apps or looking at menus physically at restaurants.

Lack of Nutritional Knowledge

Every food has its properties just like our bodies, they are either cold, neutral, or warm. Cook a well-balanced nutritious meal requires efforts in learning. 

Not Personalized to Body Needs

Every body has different needs for food, people are afraid to take the wrong medicinal property for their body needs. 

design process


UI color system

Desktop - 1.png

Color selection with psychological suggestions related to nature, health, and eastern aesthetics :

Tea Brown              Chinese Black Tea 

Walnut Brown        Wood and Nature

Bamboo Green       Bamboo and Matcha Green Tea

Midnight Black       Serenity

Ivory White              Purity

UI design style neomorphism

  • HomePage
Homepage (1).jpg

English Translation

  • Choose by season/seasonal fresh ingredients
  • Choose by meal categories
  • Choose by the time of the day
  • Search Bar & Cart
  • Navigation Bar
  • My Account page
  • Earn free credits with membership card
  • Edit personal info
  • Track "In-progress" / "Completed" orders
  • Customer Service /   Notification / Setting
  • Order Page

interactive prototype

project takeaways

Neomorphism can blend in cohesively with western or eastern aesthetics and color schemes. The study of font and colors really helps in building a beautiful user interface for targeted consumer groups. Color psychology is very useful in consumer/service/food Products. Although the user flow is simple, the experience still needs to be further tested.


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