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Qihan (Sara) Dong is a UIUX Designer based in New York; Founder of NONE STUDIO; Parsons Dean's List Grad. 

Her passion is to create user-centric designs that are so natural to even notice its existence. The career transition from fashion design to UIUX design has helped her gain deeper understandings of human physical and psychological needs, also on how to meet their needs from front end to back end point of view. 
Qihan was educated in Beijing, Vancouver, New York, and Paris. The multicultural background and experience of living independently since 13 years old have contributed to her mature, autonomous, and empathetic characteristics.
Purposes of Design:
1.|Inclusivity| Design for all, embracing the differences in gender, age, race, and body types. 
2.|Sustainability| Keep the lifecycle of products less harmful to both human and environmental health. 
3.|Connectivity| Connect, think, and design with human empathy. 


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