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US Branch of Beijing Pinyin Technology Co., Ltd


Visual Identity, Candy & Packaging Design

Since 2021

LOLLITUNE. is an innovative company focusing on inventing music lollipops — adopts the principle of bone conduction. While eating candy, the sound is transmitted to the auditory system through the teeth, and hear the sound inside of the brain. As the Founding Designer of LOLLITUNE U.S., I've created the visual identity package, setting in the futuristic and delightful brand DNA for it to break into the U.S. market.

Campaign Banner Candies 3_1024x576px.png
Gradient Fluid
Campaign Banner Candies 1_1024x576px.png
Orange Clouds
Campaign Banner Candies 4_1024x576px.png
Campaign Banner 5_1024x576px.png
Christmas Tree Ornaments
Campaign Banner 1_1024x576px.png
Campaign Banner 2_1024x576px.png
Campaign Banner 3_1024x576px.png
Campaign Banner 4_1024x576px.png

Launched on Kickstarter in July 2022.  

Official Website is coming soon in October 2022.

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