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Independently accomplished the company's Careers Page, which helps potential employees to explore their career opportunities and learn more about the company cultures, benefits, job openings, etc. Main goal is to attract visitors and bring more applications.

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Human Resources Manager

Copy Writer

Software Developers

project duration

1 month

user Persona & research 

user Persona & research 

Age 18-60 (majority 25-35) | All Genders + All Races | Located in United States 

[User Type 1: Browser]

"I want a job. What can I do for them? What can they offer for me?"

Question 1 - What is Snow Joe - what does it do?

Question 2 - Why do I want to join? Growth / Culture / Benefit?

Question 3 - Where are they located - what it's like day-to-day? 

[User Type 2: Go-Getter]

"I am familiar with and in love with the brand, ready to impress people!"

Question 1 - I want to go straight to submit my application, time is money!

Question 2 - Where's the office location? planning ahead my daily commute.

Question 3 - What are they looking for? I'll make sure to meet their needs.

Need to create motivations and passions for Type 1 users. They are most likely looking for reasons to take actions.

Need to include shortcuts and quick call-to-action buttons above the fold for Type 2 users. Providing them with the fastest and easiest route to achieve their goals.


User journey

1. Company Video as header (looped auto-play on desktop / fall-back image with play button on mobile)

2. Short Company Description 

3. Our Missions + Values

4. Benefits & Perks & Testimonials

5. Job Openings + Links to Apply

6. Locations + Interactive Map

With a sticky header on scroll for action shortcuts.

design & prototype

project takeaways

Information architecture and priorities follow two main logics:

1 - target users' needs

2 - majority of device

Easier to start with mobile, and expand to desktop for informational page design. It will take more careful considerations on priority into account based on importance + purpose + space utility. Dispensable information will get filtered out by the time when designing for bigger devices.

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