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Sun Joe + Snow joe
Amazon Storefront 

Problems To Solve:

  • Slow progress in sales.

  • Amazon ranking decreased.

  • Users having trouble finding products - resulting in help requests overload for customer service team.

pain points





  • Poor quality video as the first thing absorbed = poor first impression of the brand


  • Tiny "Deal" label

  • Intention of one single product being placed at such dominant position is not evident.

  • The left&right arrows are misleading for some users, pre-assuming it will slide to another product, but only slides to the next image of the same product.

  • "Best Sellers" does not show price, users need to click on a product to see what and how much it is, but clicking on any product during the early stage of home page experience will break the flow.

  • Long paragraph center-aligned makes it difficult to read.



  • Poor readability and usability of the product collection section.

  • Products does not seemed to be intentionally organized and categorized.

  • No grid systems / No branding structures / Not enough product details to be interested to keep browsing

  • Too much white space without layered design systems.


  • Boundary between primary and secondary information gets lost.

Wireframes IDEATION

Sun Joe Amazon Homepage_Wireframe_V1.JPG
Sun Joe Amazon Homepage_V3.JPG

sun joe redesigned store

snow joe redesigned store

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